Honest Thief (2020 Film) Review – Precise Bandit Yearning For Normal Life

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A Human Consciousness requires a motive, dream or desire to define one’s purpose in life. When a person recognises his contribution to his living, he creates his individualistic identity. Many soldiers and marines are programmed to be patriots but when they leave the army, they pursue the ends. Their expanded mind is left with a void. Liam Neeson as Tom Dolan in Honest Thief (film) suffers from a similar dilemma. He robs a bank to teach his father’s boss a lesson but quickly becomes a full-time robber because he starts loving the adrenaline rush involved in the job.

Honest Thief (film) directed by Mark Williams portrays Liam Neeson, in a similar premise which we have already experienced in his Taken (film) series. Tom Dolan (Liam Neeson) meets a woman, Annie Wilkins (Kate Walsh) who is a manager in a storage unit facility. Tom instantly feels a connection. When the narrative moves forward after a year, Tom and Annie are already planning to move together. Annie’s arrival gives enough warmth and motive to Tom. He decides to leave robbery and turn himself into the FBI, in exchange for a short sentence. He also conditions that the FBI would have to allow Annie to meet Tom, whenever she desires. Tom says, “I want to be with her, for the rest of my days without feeling guilty about lying to her about my past indiscretions.

Honest Thief (2020 Film) Review - Precise Bandit Yearning for Normal Life
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However, when Tom calls the FBI, Agent Sam Baker doesn’t entertain him much, saying, “ten to fifteen guys have confessed to being in-and-out Bandit.” Agent Sam sends two FBI agents, Agent John Nivens and Agent Ramon Hall for a follow up on the lead. When they reach Tom and find the whereabouts of the stolen cash, their greediness takes over and they threaten to kill Tom in exchange for the money. Tom becomes a run-away bandit with the charge of killing Agent Sam Baker who tried to stop the corrupt agents. The story further explores Tom’s pursuit to prove his innocence and confess his past to Annie, whom he doesn’t want to lose, at any cost.

Honest Thief (film) has an engaging plot but it isn’t a fresh one. The structural narratives with tension, conflict and conclusion are precisely defined on-screen, but the premise and the character in itself aren’t striking. Tom Dolan’s character as the Honest thief who wants to start again in life for the love he got late, doesn’t show any major change or arc in technical terms. Liam Neeson looks good but he doesn’t have much to contribute, because the story doesn’t demand acting. A weak character can even dethrone a powerful actor. That’s what precisely happens in Honest Thief (film).

Except for the characters, the story maintains the grip and doesn’t slow down it’s pacing. It never becomes monotonous or relaxed, because the tension is tightened throughout.

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If you are looking for a popcorn movie to spend your time, then the Honest Thief (film) does justice to that motive. It doesn’t throw any heavy-hard hitting message or philosophy and is way too commercial for an ardent cinema lover to really like it. For a normal audience, it is OKAY.

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